Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Author Argues Lincoln’s Birthday Should Remind us his Assassination is Still a Cold Case File

Prince George B.C. While the “Big Three” Lincoln documents were set for display at the Presidential Museum this past weekend, author Paul Serup points to a body of documents he believes merit as much, if not more, attention. It is research that forms the basis of a shocking indictment of the Roman Catholic Church’s role in assassinating one of the most important figures in American history.

Independent historian Serup, the author of Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? has painstakingly researched the topic over more than two decades and presents a cogent and convincing case that the Church played a significant role in ending the former president’s life. The author feels strongly that the occasion of his 203rd birthday should be a time to explore the impact of Lincoln’s life and, ultimately, death.

“I am amazed how people buy into the idea that Lincoln’s assassination was just about a few disgruntled anti-abolitionist running around with guns. But it’s not much different than thinking that JFK was shot by a magic bullet from Oswald’s gun.” Serup explains, “I believe assassinations are rarely unsophisticated events – they almost always involve complex ideological and strategic partners and plans. In Lincoln’s case it happened to be the Catholic Church.”

The Church’s involvement didn’t just end at the assassination and has had far-reaching political and social implications, all of which are explored in Serup’s book. Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? has drawn notice from other historians and is available through through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indigo.


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