Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Reconsider Me

" And I'll never make you sad again
'Cause I swear that I've changed since then
And I'll never make you sorry if you try
Let's let bygones be forgotten
Reconsider Me
Reconsider Me"
Why is it that just when you think you are ready to move on to start something new with someone -your past decides to show up to remind you that you aren't as in control of your life as you thought you were? The past has many forms, sometimes it's a picture, or a song, or a situation that reminds you of long hidden feelings. In some cases the very person you thought you were over shows up and makes you question everything you've done since you split up.
Maybe the split was bad, maybe it was mutual ( it can be- just watch repeats of Seinfeld), or maybe he/she left you and you were devastated and it took you years to really come to terms with why it didn't work out. Whatever the reason, when that person comes back into your life the question is -do you reconsider seeing them again? Do you jeopardize the thoughts of new relationships to go back to one that might not have a future? Do you risk a one night stand just to capture the memory- or for old times sake? Can people really change? I wonder...
" You can go and be what you want to be
It will be alright if we disagree
I'm the one who cares and I hope you'll see
That I'm the one who loves you
Reconsider Me"- W. Zevon

Note: Just because I write this on my blog, doesn't mean it's about me...just to let you know!

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