Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Traditions and Writing

I'm sure every writer has some kind of holiday tradition that they engage in, whether it be receiving a new pen or journal, or even new software for their computer. At Christmas in the newspapers across the country there is always at least one page dedicated to the opinions of writers and what their favourite traditions are. In 1994 I received a beautiful hard backed red 20 years of Christmas Memories book to write about my thoughts and feelings, food and gifts, and visitors with a space for favourite photographs and cards.
I'm happy to say that I have kept up that book every year, even colouring the black and white pictures of plum puddings and Christmas trees. It's wonderful to read over the thoughts of Christmas past, all the items that I want to remember.
They are snapshots of a special day- filled with joy, pain, remembrance and humour that for me is priceless.

I've been writing in a journal for 28 years now, and have kept every single one of them. All my thoughts, worries, goals, story ideas and memories have been expressed by writing longhand into the pages of journals every day. To me being a writer is something that I have to do, it's a part of me and if I don't write something I would probably go crazy. I'm happy to add my special Christmas book to my collected works.

So that's my Christmas tradition, and I hope to continue to write about the elastic band in my salad at lunch and the chestnuts popping on our open fire that almost killed my mom.

All the best for this holiday season!

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