Thursday, December 25, 2008

My dad at Christmas

Christmas was always a special time for my dad. He loved it and always tried to make it fun and special for us. When he was a child he didn't have very much, so when he had a family of his own he recognized how important it was to recognize that day.

After my father, Dr. Ray Sentes passed away in 2000, we started a new tradition on Christmas Eve. You see he used to read The Night Before Christmas to us every year, and once he was gone it didn't seem right for anyone else to read it. So we thought we would remember dad through little gifts that he would have probably given us.We've received everything from little keepsakes to goofy books that my dad would have loved.
Now we can laugh and enjoy the moments recalling dad and the good times we had on Christmas.

The sense of loss will always be there, and one or two tears will be shed, but the spirit of the holiday season and my dad's love of it will always remain.
If you 've lost someone close to you, or are going through a hard time, it's okay.
You aren't alone, and that's really what counts the most.

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