Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Canadian Writers Group- Good or Bad?

In reading about the newly formed Canadian Writers Group which aims to make negotiations of rates for freelance writers easier, I was wondering why a New York Literary Agency would be the agency of choice to represent Canadian writers.
I know for a fact that there are many book publicity (plug for my company of course) agencies throughout Canada that could certainly play a role in promoting book projects, magazine articles, from conception through to the finished manuscript.
What is it about the lure of an American name that sucks in writers? While it is true that many Canadian authors are finding success in the states, but does that mean we just desert the hard working literary agent in our country?
I'm certainly not against having a group negotiate for better wages for freelancers, as the business pf contracts and payment is time consuming and sucks the life out of the actual work, I guess I'm just disappointed that their affiliate agency of choice is American. And there are no plans for any French language writers in the foreseeable future. So much for Canadian.

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Kathleen Molloy said...

I understand your concern and echo it. On the other hand, maybe an outsider, in this case an American rep, can offer a different perspective with a head for business rather than sentimentality. Maybe they will have something to put on the table. And if they don’t? Fire them. As you said, there are plenty of home-grown reps that would do an excellent job representing Canadian freelancers.

Kathleen Molloy, author - Dining with Death