Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Time to Update!

Wow, sometimes time just flies by!!! Here's a quick update before I inundate you with press releases! A new computer is on the way to my house finally!!!!, a good friend of mine- Wayne Arthurson just got a 2 book deal with an American publisher, Dog Hair inc just sold to it's first major store- Wish List on Whyte- and they've placed orders for Christmas, volunteer work can be extremely difficult when there are personality conflicts, I'm now a Publicity Manager at OutRight Communications complete with a nice little raise, my company gal-friday is kicking it with interesting contracts, I finally gave Suzanne my Canadian Authors Association membership money, I haven't been singing in almost three months since my friend Jane broke her ankle, one of my best friends is expecting her second child, the dogs are (knock wood) all healthy, my complete book draft WILL be completed this weekend and I might actually take some time off for a social life- next year!!!

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