Thursday, October 09, 2008

If we could start again....

" If we could start again then
Well who knows
Have we really changed
Some say we have
reflecting our past
Who can say
Who can say" S.Nicks

I thought of a special someone today as I was trying to drive out of a traffic circle without killing myself. I think it was because a truck the same colour as his was driving beside me and we were both exasperated with a car whose driver clearly didn't know how to exit the circle. We shared 2 seconds of bonding and then with a smile we separated on our way to our destinations.
I don't know what it is that pushes the memory into overdrive when these small encounters occur, but I couldn't shake the feeling of contentment as I went about my daily work. All because the colour of a truck reminded me of the good things he brought into my life. I like days like that.

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