Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fragility of Life

This weekend I was reminded once again of how short a time that we have on this earth to enjoy its pleasures. Many who know me understand that a large part of my life is devoted to my dogs. They are my source of inspiration, my comfort, and when something happens to them, my stomach knots and I am reminded full force of how little time they really have in this world to share with us.
My dogs are fine today, but this weekend I realized that even though time flies past quickly for me, it goes even quicker for them. As they age they have new problems and the unknown lurks more and more in the background. What scary illnesses are their little bodies harbouring? What lurks in ours? There is no preparation we can do for what may happen and as hard as we try we end up letting life take us along taking many things for granted. These instances of shock are necessary to keep us awake and alive but I do wish that they didn't all happen at once. That's a little too hard on my heart.

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