Monday, July 07, 2008

Pens Down

Ah, the smell of frying bacon, the squishiness of yellow omelet on my spoon, and the strange flat taste of orange juice in a can. The breakfast at CanWrite. It was indeed a joyous occasion. What a wonderful gathering of incredible talent from all across Canada. Great sessions, inspiring keynotes, and really good food!! The Timms Centre was great with the Edmonton Spoken Word Choir presenting some of their popular pieces, as well as some new ones that I've never seen (and I've seen many of their performances) It was a great opportunity for learning and inspiration.
As soon as I returned home I wrote until the wee hours in the morning nestled under my cosy covers- or rather lying prone with the fans blowing on me. Even though it had rained my room was still incredibly uncomfortable.
I hope everyone who attended the CanWrite conference had an enjoyable time and will return next year. I know I will- and this time as a member!!!

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