Monday, May 07, 2007

My muse

So, my favourite singer is Stevie Nicks. When I was 13 I saw a video on t.v (Gypsy) that made me want to be her, and sing like her. She held something magical for me, something intangible and captivating. Of course at first I accidentally thought she was Carrie Fisher- There is a slight resemblance in the right light!- and I love her writings as well! I had no idea that Princess Leia could dance and sing like that! Carrie Fisher is also a muse- I really enjoy her Surrender the Pink novel, it's one of my favourites.

Well my parents thought Stevie sounded like a billy goat, but they bought me her records anyway, and let me play them over and over and over again. She has been my inspiration throughout my life. Her songs and lyrics have always been a solace to me. It was because of her words that I became a stronger singer, writer, and more outgoing. Some may think that living your life with a muse is a strange thing to do, but I love having her music in my world. I have had great successes in my singing, writing, and all other aspects of my work and I wrap myself in my shawl, turn down the lights, light the candles and write all evening.

The first song I ever sang in public was Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, and then I was hooked on the dreaded karaoke but it's been good to me. I had great successes singing all of Stevie's songs. I have written many of my own songs, but have kept them to myself, singing three part harmony on tape machines at my kitchen table. One day I might put them on a cd, but for now they are for my ears only. My love of words and singing continue to guide me every day. Now if I can only keep my eyes open when I sing! There must be a trick to that!!

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Shelly said...

Maybe keeping your eyes closed when you sing, is a throw back from your "singin' in the shower" DID sing in the shower???