Saturday, June 02, 2007

I knew a helicopter pilot
He was taken for a ride
His ex-wife stole all his money
He hit the bottle, barely survived.

I remember when my sister got busted
Smoking dope out in the alley.
I had to laugh at the look on her face
As the cop followed her out the door.
Don't think she'll do that anymore.

I keep thinking about all the things you might not know
Like when I met that guy, lost my keys and hitchhiked home.
Would you care about the little things, these thoughts that are my life.
Do you miss my voice like I miss yours,
I could cut this things out with this knife.

So as I walk down the street tonite
And I suppose that I could cry
It would probably feel good
Since I feel justified
But I think I'll go to A.A
It's about time, all about time.

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Electrolucy said...

Hey! Watch it!!!