Monday, May 07, 2007

Get over it already! A Ranty poem

It's late, I'm tired and I'm almost finished work for the day.
The phone rings, and I pick it up in my customer service voice
A tremulous voice from the past slams into my head
It's not a pleasant one, it's not wanted, it's an invasion
Willingly I become the victim once more, letting him in.
"Can I call you later this week to chat a little? Would that be alright?"
NO!! NO!! I want to scream: What would make you think I would ever want to speak to you again?
What have I done in the last 11 years to make you think I want you in my life?
How many years is it going to take to get you out of my past?
Stop driving past my house, stop leaving things on my doorstep, stop emailing me, stop phoning me,stop subscribing to my magazine just because my name is in it, just STOP!
Instead, stunned by the voice I simply say "No, it wouldn't be alright." in a flat emotionless tone.
"Oh. Okay. Well you have a nice night"
"Yeah. Thanks"

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he doesn't know either