Monday, May 07, 2007

Keeping up with the world

Man, keeping up with a blog is tough! Thanks to the colourless rainbow lady who kept bugging me to add something new to my site or she was going to stop visiting me- here is all the latest news! My good old 10 year old dog had a fantastic 10th birthday in lloydminster, and handed out 125 birthday cupcakes to all the dogs in the region. Her team even came in 2nd on the second day. Since then we've had a Dog Hair Incredibles booth at the EKC show and our next show is NACA at the Ottwell arena- June 1st-4th, dog products to kill for!! Lucy will be on sight to sell her wares- and she loves to promote her products! After NACA is Pets in the Park for the SPCA. Lucy is also nearing the last stages of her fantastic memoir, soon to blow all the dogsports people away! Stay tuned for more news about that! Thanks for checking in scooter lady- paint that thing would you?

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Shelly said...

Where's my cupcake?? Keep the blogs comin'! I enjoy reading them!