Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So, this is my first non-crappy poetry entry. Thought I would keep it real today. As many of you know alot of my life revolves around my three dogs and I am gearing up for a big event next week. My dog Lucy is having her 10th birthday at the Lloydminster Flyball tournament. This is indeed an important occasion as 3 years ago my puppy died on the streets of Edmonton, zapped by stray voltage permeating through a snowbank. For 10 seconds her heart stopped and she lay dead in my sister's arms. But, my Lucy doesn't give up that easily and the electricity zapped her heart back and here we are still playing her favourite game.
After her shock back to life, Lucy became the alter ego Electro-Lucy and formed the business Dog Hair Incredibles. She wanted to dive into fashion to celebrate her new found life,and the company has been going strong ever since.
She is now a member of a non-political team (believe me, this team sport is fraught with politics)called the Muttniks and she is raring to go! In preparation for her birthday party Electro Lucy has been baking up a storm in Lil Lucy's Kitchen- she's determined to make cupcakes for all the competitors and has ordered 50 pounds of special dog yogurt from California for that extra special touch. Lucy wants to thank all the people associated with Book Television and the 3 Day Novel Contest for the opportunity to show off her talent and fashion sense on national t.v. Even though all you see is her dashing under a table, she was there and loved it. Please help celebrate Lucy's birthday by giving hugs to all those you love. Life can be fleeting, and not all of us are given a second chance like Electro Lucy.

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