Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trucker Driver’s Story Reveals Foster Care Nightmare

Airdrie, AB- The month of April has been designated as Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, and at first glance a truck driver working in the Alberta oil patch may not seem the likeliest candidate to pen a memoir about the subject. But in fact, Greg T. Van Riper’s fascinating autobiography belies the relative conventionality of his current occupation. And putting pen to paper played a key role in allowing the author to come to terms with his varied and harrowing past experiences.

 At the age of 12 Van Riper was placed in foster care, a decision his parents and social service workers believed would benefit a somewhat ‘wild’ child. Little did they know that the decision would mark the beginning of a terrifying journey for Van Riper and the other children, left with a nightmarish family who appeared to thrive on physically and emotionally torturing the children in their care. Despite repeated warnings to government agencies and the RCMP, nothing was done to stem the horrific abuse at the hands of his foster family.
 The details of what Van Riper and fellow foster children experienced are so shocking that it’s difficult to comprehend how they all survived. Which is precisely why he felt so strongly that an account of events needed to be shared: “When you’ve experienced the kind of trauma I went through, you have to find some means of processing it all and working your way through it. For me that healing came through writing and sharing,” Van Riper says.
 Some may be surprised at the frankness of Van Riper’s account, but it was a deliberate decision--“I didn’t want to sugar-coat my experiences; it’s important for people to be shocked if it means that they really connect with the terror children felt at the hands of these abusers. And it’s all the more important when you are also writing to ensure that no other children are subjected to this kind of treatment.”

 Greg T. Van Riper’s memoir, Throwaway Children, is published by Essence Publishing and is also available through his website: http://www.gregvanriper.com/  and by calling 1-800-238-6376 ext-7575
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