Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrooged Over at Christmas: Lonsdale Small Business Handed Eviction Notice

Vancouver, B.C- Schlockbuster, an Alternative movie store with a client base of over 7700 customers located in Lonsdale on the North Shore has been handed an eviction notice along with several other businesses on the 228 block of Lonsdale, forcing the business to try to find a new location or close up forever.
Owner Randy Tarangul, who has run the store there for 8 years has been forced into making some drastic decision which will affect not only his loyal customers, but his staff as well, right before the holiday season.
“The only notice we received about this were some signs that were put up on the building that the block had been sold for development. We weren’t given anything in print. The block was sold to the building company Intracorp Vancouver, so we knew something was in the works, but we had no idea that we would be told to leave so soon. They handed us eviction notices December 1st, and unless we can find another location in the North Shore area in a week, I’m going to have to shut down. There are so few small businesses like us left, it’s a real blow to the community and our customers,” says Tarangul.
Randy needs a rental space between 1000 and 1500 sq feet to accommodate the business, with a lease or monthly rental fee of between $2800.00 and $3000.00 per month on the North Shore and the task is proving to be extremely difficult.
“We are really hoping that someone in the community can help us find a new home for the business, so we don’t have to lay off employees at Christmas and start selling off our entire store. There are so very few of these alternative movie businesses left in our city, it’s just awful.” 
Schlockbuster Alternative Flicks is located at 228 Londsdale Avenue, North Vancouver B.C V7 M 2G1
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