Thursday, December 08, 2011

Black Friday Events Prompt Author to Speak Out on Need to Re-evaluate Holiday Priorities

Saskatoon, SK.  If the chaos of Black Friday in the United States has taught us anything, it’s that consumers have become almost hysterical over buying electronics and valuing material goods over even the well-being of others. Canadian author Beate Epp feels strongly that we need to learn a real lesson from these events and look towards viewing the holidays as a time to bring communities together.

“I was just shocked to see how people could behave this way, at a time of year that is supposed to celebrate togetherness and good will. The events just remind us how out of hand our obsession with buying the next new gadget and electronic has gotten,” says Epp, who is also a family counsellor. “What’s the message we’re sending to children about holiday spirit when we behave like this? I think people need to take this opportunity to really think about what our priorities are for this Christmas season. Spending quality time with family friends – that’s what we should really be focusing on!”

In her work as an author, Epp has used her writing to express just those values. The importance of family relationships is a central theme guiding her acclaimed children’s book, The Magical Horses. Beate is currently touring schools with her book and working with children on art projects.


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