Thursday, November 03, 2011

More than Yellow Ribbons- Author Shows that out of Tragedy Comes Understanding about War

Regina, SK- For singer/songwriter Marny Duncan-Cary the reality of being in a military family and the challenges they experience all came together while watching the events of 9-11 unfold. She was horrified that they could be on the brink of another world war. She wanted to help ease the burden of family separation and was inspired on several fronts to provide a tool to help families cope with the topic of war.

Her song, and subsequent book, Who’s That Man? provided that bridge for communication. She says, “ For me, world war was a thing of the past- nearly forgotten.
It was then that my dad reminded me of our family’s history with war. My grandpa served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War and was gone from his family for four years. My dad never knew my grandpa until he was four years old. I had known this for a long time but never fully understood the impact of that separation until 9-11.”

In a 2010 article in Psychology Today, Dr. Michael Ungar discussed the connections between fathers who are deployed and their children, stating “that deployed but not absent was the theme in speaking with 71 fathers and from the child's point of view, that's good news as anything that can be done to ease the burden of separation and maintain continuity of the parent-child attachment is going to help a child avoid feeling abandoned.” June 26, 2010 by Michael Ungar, Ph.D. in Nurturing Resilience

Marny is hoping that her beautifully illustrated book and DVD Who’s That Man? will be a staple for military families and anyone who wants to broach the subject of war and family connections, and that it’s a starting point to help children cope with separation.

Marny Duncan-Cary is the author of the books Linger and Who’s that Man?, both based on songs from her award winning album Reason for Bein’.
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