Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Edmonton Author and Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Proof that Respect for Human Rights must Start Locally

Edmonton, AB- For those of us in the industrialized world, the concept of ‘human rights’ is something we use in reference to developing countries. So much attention is paid to the more dramatic abuses carried out in foreign nations, but as Alison Neuman has made clear, the fight for human dignity is no less critical here at home, in Canada. Now Neuman is being honoured for her work with a nomination for a 2011 John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights Award.

Dealing with a rare muscle disease, dermatomyositis, herself, Neuman is only too aware of the challenges faced persons with disabilities on a regular basis. She’s also aware of the fact that most people don’t think about disabilities as a human rights issue. “As a person with a disability, I know how difficult it could be growing up to feel as though you were every bit as valuable a person as anyone else. And when you’re talking about a basic issue of human dignity, then you’re talking about something that’s clearly an issue of human rights.”

Alison Neuman has worked tirelessly to combat negative perceptions associated with persons with disabilities. She has been particularly active in her desire to improve the well-being of children and young adults with disabilities. Neuman is thrilled that the impact of her work is being recognized, “Edmonton was the first ‘Human Rights City’ in North America, so it’s very humbling to be by a city that has pledged to embody the spirit of universal human rights. And I think it’s incredibly positive disabilities are being recognized as such an important issue as well.”

The 5th Annual Human Rights Awards will be handed out at a ceremony on December 9th, 2011. Alison Neuman has been nominated in the individual category. More information about her work and her young adult novel Ice Rose – which features a secret agent protagonist in a wheelchair – visit www.alisonneuman.ca


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