Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Season Perfect Time to for Adults to Explore one of the Most Important Players in the Nativity

Manning, AB: As the Christmas holidays are fast approaching many parents are finding their days and evenings filled at school nativity plays and telling their children the story of the nativity. Bookstores these days are filled with countless books for youngsters detailing the origins of the December 25th celebration. But what is there for parents who want to explore the reason for the season? Beverly Lein’s latest novel, Mary: Woman of Sorrows offers adults a great opportunity to delve into one of the most important players in the nativity.

Lein’s latest venture into historical fiction is the perfect choice for adults looking to do some reading this holiday season. The book, suitable for secular readers and members of all-denominations, examines the lives of both Mary – the mother of Jesus – and Mary Magdalene. While obviously using the bible as source material, the necessarily fictionalizes accounts of the two women while exploring the broader social issues that faced women in that time.

“The novel isn’t just for people who are religious – it was written for anyone who has an interest in history and the exploration of women’s roles in society. Mary is such a key figure in the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas, yet relatively little time and attention is paid to her,” explains Lein. “So while we’re spending so much time right now thinking and talking about the importance nativity, I can’t think of a more appropriate time her role and the broader issue of woman’s portrayal in history.”

Mary: Woman of Sorrows is available from Inkwater Books. Information about Lein’s other books, An Elk in the House and her Christmas-themed children’s novel The Three Saints of Christmas as well as her adventurous book Wolf Spirit. Visit her website:

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