Thursday, October 06, 2011

Last Minute Ideas for Thanksgiving That Thank the Earth

Edmonton, AB-When we’re all sitting around this holiday season thinking about all the things for which we are grateful, it’s important for    us to be thankful for the very earth we’re sitting on. And for Linda Bodo, a wonderful way to do that is make sure that our Thanksgiving décor honours the earth, instead of taking away from it.

By using the embracing the 3Rs -Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and looking to nature for Thanksgiving inspiration, you’ll provide your family and friends with a strong reminder of just why we should be so grateful for what the earth provides.

“Holiday décor is most beautiful when it comes from nature itself – this is especially true for the autumn months,” reminds Bodo – author of The Art of Upcycle.  Upcycling organic materials can be as simple as hollowing a squash into a wind bucket or creating a fab fireplace treatment with flame-carved pumpkins. And be creative with your projects-strung acorns make perfect napkin rings and twigs harvested from your own backyard can be transformed into rustic wreaths with place cards for chair backs. It seems so strange to give thanks for all the earth provides us by using up resources and contributing to more waste when Mother Nature provides us with all the raw materials we need "waste.”

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