Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Fresh Voice Brings a New Historical Fiction to the Marketplace

Edmonton, AB- History has always been a rich tapestry to pull from, whether it is for the subject of books, games, television series or films, and the Roman occupation of Great Britain has always fascinated audiences especially since modern day Britain is still, very much affected by it’s Roman history.

“There is a growing trend for people to reach out and connect with their ancestral past and Great Britain is a popular hunting ground in Europe for discovering roots especially for Canadians. The Roman influence can be felt everywhere in Great Britain, but York holds a special fascination for me,” says Clews, whose trilogy the Eboracvm has been well received by audiences for having an incredible attention to detail and sense of place.

The Eboracvm trilogy spans the thirty five year period from the expulsion of the Celtic villagers inhabiting the York site, to the building of the fortress in stone. The story is told through the eyes of three generations of Roman and Celtic families whose fate, over this period, grew indelibly intertwined. As an historical novel it is unique, in that there are no evil villains or extremely daring heroes. The characters are people such ourselves with all our strengths and failures, sometimes tragic and sometimes darkly humorous, and always with a practical realism that evolves when people are forced into situations that are often beyond their control.

“Walking through York today, even with the Esso stations and tourist traps you only have to look around you in the architecture and infrastructure to see their influence. One has to wonder if our modern buildings will withstand the years as long their aqueducts and road systems have.” says Clews.

Graham Clews is the winner of the Premier Book Award for best historic novel for the first two books in the Trilogy. His third and final book is now available at, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes and Noble and on his website at 

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