Friday, October 14, 2011

Franchise Insider Reveals Why Sticking to the Rules works for Franchisees

Calgary, AB- Hockey season has finally started and sports fans everywhere are listening to play by play action for their favourite team. Many of these fans are also owners of franchises who are extremely familiar with the concept of the play book and sticking to the rules. But as Franchising expert and Author Ron Smith found out, not enough people are aware of why you have to stick to the rules.

“Too many people who buy into franchises avoid following the proven systems that a franchise offers, and instead try to do things their own way. That just leads to confrontation, lost profits and frustration. It’s so much easier just to follow the franchises’ play book,” says Smith, who reveals all of his Insider secrets to buying and building a franchise  in his new book OPEN for Business, An Insider’s Guide to Franchise Ownership in Canada.

In Ron’s book, he discusses why uniformity is the cornerstone of the franchise concept, and why a franchisor expects you to “stay with the pack.”

“The products, services, and business models used in franchises have been tested and refined over long periods of time and they are used because they work. Keeping to the model increases your chances of success, even when you think it isn’t. You need to keep trying or you could end up having your franchisor terminating your agreement, which can mean losing your entire investment,” says Smith.

A typical Play Book for a franchisee should cover the topics such as:

-          Administration
-          Advertising
-          Human Resources
-          Marketing
-          -Operations
-          Approved Policies, Procedures, Products and Services

Says Ron, “Remember, you are not the boss in a franchise. You will be expected to follow your contract, to the letter. If they want you to open your IHOP by 7 am, 7 days a week, then open at 7, not 7:02, not 7:30, not 8. And that goes for everything. They may call you a "partner" in the contract, but really, you're there to pay the fees and follow the rules, but the good news is it will pay off. Being a franchisee is stifling for some. You will have to follow the guidelines: all of them. But, with due diligence, it is exactly the right fit for someone who wants to go into business for themselves. There is nothing surer than going with a proven business model."

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