Friday, October 14, 2011

B.C. Virtual Law Firm connects Clients across the Border

Vancouver, B.C- Upon returning to British Columbia after living in the U.S. for 12 years, Canadian born Texas licensed lawyer Samantha M. Ferguson knew that branching out her law firm on both sides of the border was important to serve her clients no matter where they were located.

“The words ‘virtual law firm’ often create an image in the client’s mind of filling out lawyer-drafted template contracts online.  But LSI does everything a traditional law firm does while utilizing technology such as video conferencing, online collaboration rooms and a paperless office.  This reduces the overhead expenses associated with leasing a brick and mortar building, resulting in lower legal fees for clients.  It is a huge benefit that makes legal services more accessible to clients in these weak economic times,” says Ferguson of LSI Legal Services International, LLC who has now expanded to the Lower Mainland.

LSI’s lack of an office lease doesn’t prevent Ferguson from meeting with clients in person like traditional firms because LSI rents seven satellite offices by the hour, as needed, for appointments in the greater Vancouver area when a personal rather than virtual touch is necessary.

Some of the benefits of using a virtual law firm include:
  • The simplicity of needing only an Internet connection to meet with your lawyer
  • Confidence in knowing the information shared with the virtual law firm is exchanged through a secure, encrypted file network
  •  Alternatives to hourly billing such as bundled or flat-rate legal fees give the client more certainty concerning predicting their final invoice
  • Fewer overhead expenses passed on to the client
LSI Legal Services International, LLC recently welcomed Anton P MontaƱo, who has 14 years experience in commercial, employment and business law to its Houston office as Of Counsel, which has afforded Ferguson the time to establish her second law office in Vancouver.
For more information about Samantha .M Ferguson and LSI Legal Services International, LLC visit  or for a list of all practice areas offered, visit: or call locally at: 604-229-1793 or toll-free: (877) 574-3388 Ext. 1  


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