Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Does Back To School Have to Mean Back To Staples?

Edmonton, AB- We all see the ads on TV: September is coming – so go and shop for school supplies--right now! And why do we see all these ads? Because they work.
Second ONLY to Christmas, back to school is the biggest time of the year for retailers.

Linda Bodo, a recycling expert based in Edmonton, with two bestselling books on the subject, had this to say in a recent interview with Breakfast Television:

"Parents feel incredible pressure to spend, spend, spend. School boards are closing schools, laying off teachers, increasing the numbers of pupils per class....the trends are easy to see. More and more often, students are on their own. Parents want their kids to have every advantage possible, which means they feel they should spend. But do they have to? I'm not so sure."

To avoid simply ‘buying’ into what the lists from school and ads tell parents, Linda recommends examining the following in your home first:

1. Look around--what do your kids have? Chances are, they've got the basic supplies. The pens and paper they used last year can almost certainly be used again. No child anywhere needs a new laptop just because they’ve moved into another grade. 

2. Clothes can be upcycled into new outfits. You see this trend more and more. You take old objects and instead of chucking them into the trash, you make them into new things. It’s amazing if you start looking at patterns what you can do with clothing for school. Have the kids arrange their own Thread Spread, a swap of pre-loved clothes that will keep trendy labels circulating into the new school year.  

3. Need a new bag for back to school? Use the regular plastic bags to create amazing and unique hip, metro backpacks, lunch bags, laptop cases, and courier sacs and involve your kids in the creation- they’ll be proud to show it off
http://www.absolutebodo.com/?p=4043  and http://www.absolutebodo.com/?p=3851

4. Recover notebooks- You most likely have notebooks that were either not used or partially used. It’s easy to recover them and make them fresh for the school season. Check out Book Smart at http://www.absolutebodo.com/?p=4722

Linda advocates thinking before you buy. There are some purchases you can't avoid, for sure. But so much of what fills our garbage sites doesn't need to be there.  

For more tips on back to school- check out Linda’s website at www.absolutebodo.com


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