Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Activist and Author Reminds Canadians of the High Price often paid for Social Justice as we Celebrate Canada Day

Vancouver, B.C- Recent events in Syria have served as stark reminder of the high price paid by many around the world advocating for social change.  And while we may not face the same violent reprisals of those who have bravely given their lives in the Middle East, activist Betty Krawczyk reminds Canadians that the situation is far from perfect here.

And the 82 year-old great-grandmother knows whereof she speaks.  Krawczyk spent ten months in prison after being arrested for protesting the bulldozing of public lands. It was an act of peaceful protest that was criminalized by the BC government on behalf of corporate interests.  And while the author of Clayoquot, Lock Me Up, and now This Dangerous Place is not comparing her treatment to the experiences of those in the Middle East, she feels there’s an important lesson to be learned by Canadians.

“Public spaces and public land are just that: public.  That means they’re for the people, and we have the right, indeed obligation, to ensure that they’re protected.  But all too quickly conditions can deteriorate to the point where peaceful civil actions become criminalized, or worse,” explains Krawczyk, “The brave people of Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Libya have provided us with a reminder of what can happen when the space for public discourse is taken away.”

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