Thursday, October 21, 2010

This week's Horror Flicks!

Okay so this week was a real mixed bag, no rhyme or reason, just thought the covers were interesting. As it is in the book world- watch those covers!! I got caught with a change of a cover, and I didn't pay enough attention to the plot so I ended up watching a film I had already seen. I HATE that!

So here are the ones I watched this week:

The Burrowers- Evil Will Survive by JT Petty- Do you remember how hopeless you felt watching Eden Lake or the Mist? Well this has the exact same feel to it. I won't give away the ending, but you aren't going to be happy go lucky at the end, that''s for sure. And I'm fine with that if the writing is good. And I'd have to say it was pretty decent. It's a Western and I'm not the biggest fan of those, but this one had some good moments in it. The acting was well done and the creatures were very creepy. It reminded me of a Bentley Little novel, just weird enough to make you a little squeamish and keep watching. So I would recommend this one if you want something a little offbeat and icky!

Chicago Massacre- Richard Speck- 9 Nurses, 1 Survivor- Michael Feifer-  Okay, the instant I saw the trailers I realized that this was a big mistake.They were all 'video' remakes of the worst mass murderers in history- including the Black Dahlia- so you know this is going to be quality. I lasted 15 minutes before I had to shut it off. And I usually watch the crappiest movies all the way through, but I could NOT watch this. I think it might have been the hokey, twangy, banjo music in the background for EVERY scene. It did not stop. And the acting was horrible. I don't know what I was thinking. So PASS on this one. Really. Don't even look at it.  

Dark Floors- Don't Get off on the Wrong Floor by Pete Riski- Well the tagline says it all. This was a Ghost House Underground production and I find these can be really hit or miss. I still don't know how I feel about this. I generally liked the characters, except for the blonde nurse who was really trying not to let her Irish accent come through. She was just a bit annoying. I've always been a fan of hospital films and this one did a very good job with a kind of fantasy/time-warp/time shift/world parallel film. But I didn't understand it. I still don't understand it. it had good special effects and it was well done. If I could understand it. It's not that it's complex, it just doesn't make sense. You'll see what I mean when you ponder the statement " I want the red crayon" and "I want the blue crayon". If you watch this, please tell me what that means. It's a good movie, I just need help with it. 

The Gravedancers- Unrest in Peace- by Mike Mendez- This is from the After Dark Horrorfest- one of 8 films to die for series. Again, these can be hit or miss. The start of this film reminded me of a really bad tv movie- like anything they show on W, and I was certainly getting a lot done while it was on. But then about mid-way through after all the talking and dancing on the graves it started to get much better. The ghosts were really chilling and there were some really good moments. The body count was really low, but you can't have everything. So it was good, but then the ending sucked. It did one of those IT endings where you just shake your head and wonder why couldn't they have done anything but that. So, it's not really worth your time.

The Children- You brought them into this world, They'll take you out- by Tom Shankland. I saw this a long time ago, but the cover was different and I got sucked in again. This is a pretty decent film though, and the kids in this film are pretty brutal. You are never sure what the heck is making them ill and what is really going on here, but if you want some evil children- then this is the one to watch. Another reason to read the back of the movies. Because I forgot to.

The Gathering- The Horror is real. The Terror is Eternal- by Brian Gilbert- There is actually a star in this film, Christina Ricci and it's a nice little movie. I like films that take a different look at religion and the crucifixion and I really liked how this came together. The story isn't shocking and terrifying like the blurb says, but it's a tight plot with some really interesting 'a-ha' moments that I really like. This is definitely one to enjoy. The writing is smart and there is a good body count. So yes. I recommend this one, but is a thriller, not a horror film.

and the final one this week
Devour- Don't Get Mad. Get Evil- by David Winkler-Okay I only picked this up because it had Jensen Ackles in it. I also like Shannyn Sossamon ( A Knight's Tale and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). But other than that this movie pretty much sucks. It is like a computer version of the Ring without any of the scary parts. It's also like the Game but none of this really comes together. And there is a really creepy incest sort of deal as well. Jensen is in the film all the way through, but that's the only reason to watch this one.

On a side note, I'm looking forward to meeting the horror master himself Robert McCammon on Sunday at the Surrey writer's conference- I'm taking a few of my books that I hope he'll sign and will be taking a writing class with him. Looking forward to it!!

This is an old cover, the new one is a red one

This is also a different cover

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