Monday, September 20, 2010

10 ways to build your platform

 Well, it's been awhile since I've written and that's because it's been a super busy month. I moved to B.C and signed up a few new clients. In October I celebrate my one year business anniversary and I'm thrilled at all the support I've had from publishers, authors, business people, entrepreneurs, and agents. It's been a huge learning curve, but it's only getting better. I have some new team members and we are organizing some great events for our clients. I have to say that for the most part I really love being in business for myself. Granted, there are times when I have to really push myself to keep to a schedule ( as the tennis courts often beckon in the middle of the day), but that is also a perk.

So let's get to the platform part. You can also find this in the new Writer's Market 2011- but it's something I base my business on, and you can as well.

1. Create your own website ( Wordpress- is great and free), keep it current, with a blog and other updated content, and make it interactive with forums, contests, surveys, newsletters, a guestbook etc...

2. Write articles, stories, op-eds, and even letters to the editor for magazines, newsletters, and other print publications to reach your target audience.

3.Contact other high-traffic websites frequented by your target audience, offer to guest blog or contribute content to them (even for free), link your site to theirs, and participate in their networking forums.

4. Position yourself as the go-to source for information regarding your area of expertise by joining related professional organizations.

5. Send periodic press releases about yourself, your activities, or some timely aspect of your work/field to targeted print and broadcast media, and offer to sit for an interview- you might be surprised by the response. ( You want to plan about 2 a month- and don't forget all the free sites)

6.Hold a publicity event- something fun and include the media

7. Give talks, teach classes, offer workshops about your specialty at libraries, schools, churches, and online- and let the press know

8. Get involved as a volunteer or board member with non-profit organizations- they could be great marketing partners

9. Partner with or co-author a book with a well established, widely recognized expert or celebrity, or try publishing your book through an established franchise like the Dummies or Chicken soup serials, where your personal platform is less of a factor

10. Post your own book trailers and other video content on YouTube, create your own podcasts, or publish your own ezine.

And here's the best tip of all. Consider hiring a publicist to do all of that for you. I know a good one~

Points- courtesy of the 2011 Writer's Market= Robert Lee Brewer, Editor


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