Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Latest in the Self- Publishing Stew

As most of you know, I work with several self-published authors. I only take on those authors if their work is excellent, shows great promise, and for many, have the sales to back them up.
But for the most part I do not encourage people to self-publish. My aim is to educate writers on the publishing choices that are out there before they spend thousands of dollars publishing a book that will never be on a bookshelf, despite what the company tells them.
So, I sign up for every self-publishing newsletter out there to find out just what they are offering and how much money they are asking for.
This is the latest site I came across:
As if there weren't enough with self-publishing companies taking advantage of new authors, now you can also Brand yourself as a product.
Enter Miboso Authentic Personal Branding now you too can be branded like your book.
Now, I'm well aware that marketing is branding and I've got nothing against that, but it was the final step that intrigued me.
Here's the site for you to check out: but more importantly check out this product

Yes, you too can unleash the book that's inside you- for a fee. Of course I really loved their line: "Inspired by dozens of successfully published authors"...

Each "track" that you sign up for goes from the highest support and cost to the least basically determining whether you'll get a great book or a sucky book- depending how much money you have to shell out.

What I was most interested in was their Stage 3
Book Promotion & Marketing
Step 1. Publicity & Book Marketing Support
Step 1 Pricing: (Pricing will be quoted individually)
(Step 2 and 3 Services are "by Invitation" to Selected Authors Only)
Step 2. Sourcing a Traditional Publisher (Pricing will be quoted individually)
Step 3. Finding "Your" Agent (Pricing will be quoted individually)
So why would sourcing a traditional publisher and agent be by Invitation only?
How do you become a selected author? Is it only the people who do stages one and two? Well I wanted to know, so I sent them a nice note that asked
" Hi there, I'm interested in finding out more about your pricing for sourcing a traditional publisher and agent.
After two days of waiting, here was my reply:
 Dear Rachel,

Thanks for contacting us.
The focus of our work is to help our clients organize
and validate the information they wish to publish.
By taking them though the first two Stages outlined
on our website, we are able to direct them to the
best routes and resources in Stage 3.
Are you seeking a referral to a traditional publisher or agent?
Or do you have other specific questions?
Warm Regards,
Cheryl Krompass
Client Service
MIBOSO® Authentic Personal Branding
Transforming genius into your brand of success

Hmm... I think that's what I asked.. what part of that wasn't clear? So basically it's the nice way of saying if you don't pay for our other services, we aren't going to help you out.
So I replied- " Yes I am seeking a referral to a traditional publisher or agent, that's my only specific question"
I'm still waiting for a reply. That was three days ago.
Any bets on what the answer will be??
Any bets on when they'll answer? Stay tuned to this blog if and when they decide to answer.
In my opinion, I would give this a miss. But it's just my opinion.

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Rebecca A Emrich said...

once again abrilliant post. Thanks for teh heads up!