Monday, November 09, 2009

Christmas Tale Tells Story of Hardship, Family, and Miracles

November 9, 2009
Christmas Tale Tells Story of Hardship, Family, and Miracles
Manning, AB — Deep in the Canadian frontier, five children stave off the bitter winter cold while the adults trek to town to buy supplies for Christmas. As days pass and the adults fail to return home to their cabin, it is up to 11-year-old Brittany to protect her younger brother and cousins against wolves, mountain lions, and a dwindling food supply. Only through the intervention of three mysterious and kindly men will the children have a prayer of seeing their families again.
 In a yarn meant to be spun by a grandmother at the fireside, Beverly Lein’s The Three Saints of Christmas weaves angels, saints, and miracles into a holiday tale of two families struggling to reunite in time for Christmas. Set in 1866, the story has timeless and inspirational appeal for all ages. Lein originally wrote the story as a collaboration with her grandchildren, who became the inspiration for the characters in the book. 
“Just before Christmas a few years ago, I became deathly sick and ended up in the hospital for about three weeks,” Lein recalls. “My grandchildren were mortified—they had never seen me sick let alone bed rest and they were bored, so I decided we should write a Christmas story.” 
In this time when we are recovering from economic hardship, The Three Saints of Christmas is the perfect reminder of what the holidays are all about. 
“I would hope my readers will find a feeling of family love, togetherness, and caring. The true meaning of Christmas is all about family and the love of God, so I would hope as they read the story, thoughts of their own families would linger.”
Beverly is also the author of Elk in the House published by NeWest Press.
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