Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Top Financial Advisor writes Tell All Book on how Economists are Failing Canadians

Top Financial Advisor writes Tell all Book on how Economists are Failing Canadians

Edmonton, AB- When it comes to personal finance, economists are failing Canadians, and that might ruffle a few feathers. But financial advisor and author Chad Viminitz is standing by this strong stance in his new book Money Assassins.

“Access to debt, marketing and an out of control consumer culture has led the middle class to feel powerless about their finances. Economists tend to examine savings and debt at the national economic level. This means that consumer spending is looked upon pretty favorably from an economist’s perspective, as long as individuals and families are able to continue to spend and make debt payments, everything is okay,” says Viminitz.

The reality is that individuals and families work longer work days, have longer commutes, less sleep, greater financial hardship and anxiety over debt. While the “experts” were able to ignore this reality until the recent credit crisis, it became clear to Chad that there is an urgent need for a financial awakening on the part of society.

How economists are failing Canadians is one of the many topics Viminitz discusses in his book Money Assassins. Viminitz wants to promote an overhaul of consumptive patterns by providing real solutions on how to overcome debt and recapture financial stability.

Chad can speak on the following topics:

• Economists are failing Canadians when it comes to personal finance, why?

• The Home Buyers Plan could cost you more taxes and a delayed retirement, so why are so many first time homebuyers using it?

• Spending to Belong - the root cause of financial stress & anxiety

• What financial lessons can Canadians learn from survivors of the Depression?

• On Average, Canadians work one day a week to pay for their vehicles- how we can change this financial burden!

• In 1967 2/3rds of students said that developing a meaningful life philosophy was important, only 1/3rd said making a lot of money was, today those numbers are reversed. Why?

• 65% of Canadians believe that credit cards and lines of credit are adequate forms of emergency savings.


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