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Horror Festival Brings Out the Ghouls in Dedmonton- October 15-18

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

DEAdmonton… Prepare for a rampage!
The second wave of sick flicks for DEDfest has just been confirmed! And topping the list is the new film by the man who defies the critics (and even punches a few) – Uwe Boll! His new film, the bloody revenge fantasy Rampage, is one of three new films in our lineup for 2009. Other additions include the Thai slasher film Macabre, and the buddy-buddy graverobbers-vs-the-undead comedy I Sell the Dead.
Best known for his critically reviled video game adaptations, Dr. Uwe Boll breaks away from the world of pixels to deliver a taut, brutally uncompromising tale of a young man beat down by life – and his plan to beat life right back. Armed to the teeth and encased in Kevlar, he decides to exact revenge on his small town through an epic bloodbath that will leave the streets paved with bodies.
“Rampage is Uwe Boll’s explosive entry onto the moviemaking scene as a real, honest-to-god filmmaker.” – Film.com
“Forget anything you ever knew about Uwe Boll. This is solid cinema and deserves praise.” – Quietearth.us

Newlyweds on an interstate road trip encounter a lost hitchhiker, who lures them into a mansion inhabited by a cult-like family of psychos with murderous intentions. Soon the young couple will learn the horrible truth: that in this house, everybody bleeds… and everybody dies.
“…a gorehound’s wet dream… an unashamed, in-your-face tour-de-force of butchery” – DreadCentral.com
“…a splatter film that spills buckets of blood as it doles out ladles of tongue-in-cheek, genre-savvy fun.” – The Hollywood Reporter

I Sell The DeaD
A pair of grave robbers in 19th century Ireland find themselves going from rags to riches. But as their business booms, they run afoul of rival corpse snatchers, vampires, zombies, mad doctors, and other unspeakables. Starring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), Ron Perelman (“Hellboy”), and Angus Scrimm (“Phantasm”). Named Best Independent Film at the Toronto After Dark Film Fest!
“…smart, gruesome and inventive” – The Hollywood Reporter

Lesbian Vampire Killers It’s Hammer by way of Hustler! Two buddies on a hiking trip find a town full of – you guessed it – vampires. Lesbian vampires. And worse yet, their queen is about to unleash hell upon mankind! “One hell of a crowd pleaser” — Peter Cornelissen, TWITCH “Brashly entertaining… the humour is deadpan British” — Andrew L. Urban, URBAN CINEFILE

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl
From the creators of last year’s cult classick “Tokyo Gore Police” comes this tale of a high school love triangle between a young man, and two lovely female students. When an accident leaves one of the girls dead, her vice-principal father – who just happens to be the heir to the Frankenstein throne, stitches his daughter back together on a mission of revenge. But this patchwork diva gets more than she bargained for when she discovers her rival is a vampire!

These two supernatural schoolgirls fight to the death in a film that can be best described as the twisted love-child of Takashi Miike, David Cronenberg, and John Hughes.
“…a wickedly entertaining joyride full of ingenious visuals, memorable characters and more arterial spray than a GWAR concert” – EYE Weekly

Neighbor Meet the neighbour from hell: “The Girl” (America Olivo), a lovely and charming psychotic with a penchant for breaking into posh suburban houses and torturing and slaughtering anyone unlucky enough to be home. A young bachelor on The Girl’s neighbourhood watch will soon endure broken bones, power-drilled toes, and unspeakable horrors as his new guest makes herself at home. It’s the film that caused its own editor to vomit! “…this is smart, freaky stuff… we can’t imagine finding a nastier film this year.” – Mitch Davis, Fantasia
”…by far the most brutal film at Fantasia this year.” – Montreal Gazette

Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated
Romero’s film – the movie that spawned a generation of zombie flicks – has rested in the public domain for over 30 years. In 2009, producer Mike Schneider decided to conduct a radical experiment in horror cinema: using the audio as a backdrop and the visual for storyboards, a host of talented animators from a variety of genres will re-animate and re-imagine the classic film. Stop-motion, CGI, and even sock puppets will be used to breathe new life into Night of the Living Dead!

Return of the Living Dead
Our retro film for 2009 is this horror-comedy classic from 1985. A young man on his first day at a medical supply company hears a tall tale from his supervisor: the film Night of the Living Dead was based on a true story. The proof is in the basement – a canister of chemicals that reanimates the dead. When the canister breaks open, the dead rise to terrorize the hapless clerk, his panicky boss, and his punker friends at the graveyard outside. The film that gave us brain-munching zombies, Return of Living Dead is presented in 35MM for the first time since its release!

For more details on the festival, sponsors, and a complete schedule, please visit www.dedfest.com.
“With so many horror fests… offering terrible films the fine folks in Deadmonton have decided to buck the trend and screen some cool flicks.” – Horror-Movies.ca
“Welcome to a truly alternative film festival… where crowd pleasers rock the house between retro grindhouse trailers…” – QuietEarth.us

“Whoever thought living in Edmonton could be so cool?” – Johnny Butane, DreadCentral.com

Dedfest: Hellberta’s Horror Festival
October 15-18, 2009
9828-101A Avenue
For more information contact:
Derek Clayton

Kevin Martin

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