Monday, March 16, 2009

Dubble Bubble Hit By Recession?

So I've been a fan of the gum Dubble Bubble since I was a little girl. If you had 5 cents you could always get a piece of Dubble Bubble gum and man it tasted so good. A little hard, a little chewy- a burst of flavour that lasted about 5 minutes, but darn it was great. Recently I had a few cents in my pocket and I stopped in at the local store for to pick up a piece of gum. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the gum had been downsized!

Dubble Bubble has been around since the 1928 and went through several incarnations, ( who can forget the Dubble Bubble cigar- El Bubble) and there's the twist version with the fatter yellow and blue wrapping in the 1980's, but the one I knew and loved was the bright pink one. But something is wrong! The size has been cut down by half. Sure it's still as hard as rock but now it's almost impossible to blow a bubble with a single piece. And while the taste is still pretty much intact, it's lasting for a shorter time.

I guess this is the way corporate America has decided to keep the 5 cent price that they don't want to mess with, but cut costs. What would Pud say? Funny enough the cartoon I found in the smaller version depicted him blowing a bubble and having it pop on him. Pud says "Bigger is NOT always better" Is that some kind of justification for this sizable slight? It saddens me that yet another of my childhood thrills is slowing fading away.

Soon sponge toffee and Count Chocula will also be gone the way of Franken-Berry and Boo-Berry. Those were the days.

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