Saturday, February 28, 2009

My dog hates Wii

At Christmas my sister and I purchased a Wii, and really love it. One of my dogs would bark and leap up at us thinking we were playing with him, the other would stand in front of the sensor and block us, and the other would either whine or go and play with her ball. It was quite a challenge to not only play Wii but to play around the dogs. I haven't played in awhile, so last night I brought the equipment out to play. As soon as I set it up and turned it on, Lucy heard the music and promptly ran away. I hadn't even put the game in that I wanted and she looked at me as if I was crazy. I played for about an hour, and when I finally put it away, lo and behold she reappeared from my bedroom where she had been sleeping on the bed.
I'm not sure why she associates our actions with the Wii as threatening. Maybe it's the wild flailing arms, or the shouts and exclamations, the jumping up and down, and most likley the extreme ignoring of the pets around me.
My dogs like to be the centre of attention and I think the Wii is taking away a little of that. It's too bad, but something I have to live with- or rather they have to live with.

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