Friday, October 12, 2012

Author seeks to bring element stronger elements of realism to romance novels

Most tales of romance, much like the fairy tales of old, end on a proverbial high note—with a, 'and they lived happily ever after' kind of feel. But what really happens after 'The End'? It's a question that romance author C. Elizabeth thinks goes unanswered far too often. And it's one she seeks to answer with her latest release, Absolute Obstruction.

Elizabeth's latest offering is a follow-up to her debut novel, Absolute Obsession, a story that chronicled the journey of Rose Garabaldi, whose relationship with a British film star also explored the question of what happens when fantasies are manifest into reality. The romance novelist has made a concerted effort with her Absolute series to avoid the pitfalls of the genre where characters are used as props, rather than as an opportunity to develop a relationship with readers.

"I'm not sure why so many romance authors close the door on their characters after just one book. If you have well-developed characters that your readers have really grown to care about, then why just arbitrarily end their story, wrapping it up in a nice little bow," muses Elizabeth. "It's not what happens in real life, and a really good romance novel isn't just about escapism—it's about having readers connect to the parts of themselves they see expressed on the page."

C. Elizabeth's most recent foray is being published by Wings ePress and is available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information about the author, and the Absolute series, visit


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