Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Americans Considering a Twist on the Turkey Tradition

Bettendorf, IA- When American families sit down to give thanks each year it’s usually over a basic turkey that might be roasted or stuffed with a variety of ingredients with accompanying sauces integrated with family additions that are unique, such as bacon rolls, or cranberry sauce, or even a side of chilies. 
Everyone loves it, but at the same time, those cooking the traditional fare are often desperate for a twist on the tradition. The Original Turducken is the twist that will spice up the dinner table this year and consumers everywhere are eagerly anticipating the “wow” factor that will happen when they slice into the popular culinary delight.

A Turducken (turkey, duck, chicken) is a full deboned turkey (except for the drumsticks and wings still attached) filled with chicken, duck and one of their two sausage stuffings- classic Spicy Italian and delicious Chicken Apple. The ultimate meal, it will easily feed 15 people and makes for a delicious family feast. For an even bigger twist they also offer a Premium Turducken Roast.

Echelon Foods (The Original Turducken Inc) has given the Turducken a uniquely American Appeal and is available through Trudeau Distributing in Minnesota at the Lund’s and Byerly’s chain in the Minnisota/St Paul market, and available to retailers and foodservice customers across the U.S.

"If you are tired of the same old turkey landing on your dinner table this fall, then it’s time to try a Turducken. It’s affordable and is guaranteed to elicit some oohs and ahhs when it’s sliced!” says Mike Moser, one of the owners of Echelon Foods (The Original Turducken Inc)
Echelon Foods (The Original Turducken Inc) is a Calgary based, Canadian owned and operated company committed to bringing unique, great tasting high quality consumer foods to the marketplace. Our turduckens are manufactured in Bettendorf, Iowa, with additional capacity in Edmonton and Toronto. They are warehoused in Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB and Bettendorf, IA and available for distribution throughout North America. All our products meet our rigorous standards for delivering a memorable and incredible food experience.
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Echelon Foods Customer Service: 403-648-0688 or 1-877-462-3188 or sales and product information on Echelon Foods or our Turducken products, please contact Mike Moser at 403-225-3391
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