Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whimsical Picture Book Deals with Childhood Cancer and Hair Loss

London, ON September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Author Susan Ross, inspired by a childhood friend who battled leukemia in the 1960s, has written a book that will raise awareness about childhood cancer and its effects on children and families. It focuses on the trauma of hair loss due to chemotherapy. Ross is hoping that Emma the Mouse Brings Joy to the House will become a core resource for hospitals, support centres, schools and families.

“I wanted to create a picture book that would address the issue of childhood cancer, chemotherapy and hair loss in a way that was tender and reassuring. I consulted with oncologists and others in the medical field to ensure the subject matter was addressed in a factual and sensitive manner. In sharing the story with families dealing with cancer, I learned invaluable insight into their struggles and emotions that I included in the book,” says Ross.

This fictional story revolves around a little girl named Sydney Manning and her best friend, a little mouse named Emma Longtail. It couples Sydney’s reaction to the loss of her hair with the entertaining antics of Emma and her siblings as they offer their support, comfort, and creative ingenuity to their friend as she deals with her baldness.
Emma the Mouse Brings Joy to the House subtly integrates the symptoms of leukemia, the side effects of chemotherapy and the importance of supportive family and friends into the story. The book also includes a craft that gives step by step instructions on how to make a little mouse for your own best friend.

“Although this book deals with the serious topic of childhood cancer, it is primarily an amusing tale with the happy ending that everyone hopes for when dealing with cancer. It lets children who are battling this disease know that they are not alone. It is my hope that those who are personally suffering from the trauma of baldness or whose lives are touched by family, friends or classmates being treated for cancer will find this book encouraging,” states Ross.

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