Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lethbridge Institution Celebrates 65 Years Filling Cultural Gap

Lethbridge, AB- In these tough economic times, it's difficult for many stores that once thrived, to even survive these days. So when a family-owned store reaches a milestone of having been in business for over six decades, it's certainly a noteworthy achievement. What's even more notable about this particular store, however, are the odds the store faced when it first opened so many years ago.

Lethbridge's Nakagama's Japanese Food & Giftware was first opened in 1947 by Ryutaro and Nobuko Nakagama. The couple had once owned a store in Richmond but the events of World War II forced them to close. Rather than returning to B.C., they decided to remain in Alberta and, in fact, were responsible for the introduction of key staples of Japanese cuisine to the Lethbridge market. While their first customers were primarily Japanese-Canadians, they were quickly embraced by the broader community at large. The Nakagamas are holding a celebration sale from Sept.1 -20 in recognition of their milestone anniversary and there will a special feature price for Kokuho Yellow and Kokuho Rose rice. The Kokuho brand of rice was first introduced to Canada by the Nakagama family which was the first true Japanese style of rice available here.

"It's been a real privilege to be a part of Lethbridge's business and social history since 1947. There are not a lot of businesses that can say that, let alone ones that, at first, catered mostly to the Japanese-Canadian community, I really have to say a special thank you to these first customers since they gave us the base from which we grew " says Ken Nakagama, the current owner. " We hope that this celebration will help say 'thank you' to all our customers and friends for all they have done for us."

The store has established a reputation for service that goes beyond being a purveyor of hard-to-find cooking supplies. Nakagama's is well-known for helping customers learn more about the cuisine itself and have expanded their stock to now include a variety of housewares designed to allow customers to fully immerse themselves in Japanese experience.

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