Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Children’s Book Weaves Together Fantasy and History for Perfect Back-to-school Offering

As the end of summer draws closer, parents are seeking ways to get their children excited about the school days to come. When it comes to fitting the scholarly bill on a number of fronts, author Graham Clews’ literary offering, Jessica Jones & the Gates of Penseron is the perfect choice.

The novel follows the adventures of Jessica (a little person, who is almost thirteen’). Having surprisingly won a contest to “learn through travel,” Jessica finds herself and her family on their way to the ancient city of York, England. The trip becomes the adventure of a lifetime as she and her younger brother Jake discover that they have, in fact, been lured into a dangerous journey through time.

Borne out of the spate of bedtime stories Clews used to tell his grandchildren, The Gates of Penseron expertly integrates his early experience of entertaining youngsters with an expertise as an accomplished author of adult historical fiction. The result is a novel that follows the tradition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, joining an eclectic cast of characters---many of them children---who have wandered into the strangle world of Penseron where everyday objects take on magical-like significance, and where, as in his adult novels from the  Eboracvm series, historical events become relevant to modern readers.

The idea of making the real world fantastical was a deliberate choice on Clews’ part, as he explains: “It’s often difficult to get youngsters interested in history, but when you blend story-telling with historic facts, rather than just using a text-book or lecture-style format, you can engage them on a far different level. If young readers are able to identify with characters from the past and visualize their interaction with historical events, it becomes so much more exciting for them.”

Jessica Jones & The Gates of Penseron is perfectly designed to hone the reading interests of young teens while getting them excited about hitting their history classes this fall. For more information, and to purchase, visit Graham Clews’ site at http://www.graham-clews.com

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