Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Giving Mom a new Twist on Breakfast in Bed: Author and organic farmer teaches kids about nutrition

Saskatoon, SK- It’s become so much of a tradition, that it’s almost become a cliché: kids wake up early on Mother’s Day to serve mom a bowl of cereal and milk, buttered toast, and orange juice. Sweet? Yes. But boring? You betcha. Beate Epp is working to help kids make the event special not only because moms are getting a much-deserved treat of breakfast in bed, but because she’s being served something fabulous!

As an organic farmer and artist Beate Epp, author of the children’s book The Magical Horses, is working closely with kids, teaching them the how to approach food in a new way. The benefits of reaching children early about their eating habits are many:

“Part of teaching kids about nutrition means getting them to understand that eating isn’t just about stuffing food into your face—it’s a fun activity that shouldn’t be viewed as a passive activity. By getting kids to make something special for mother’s day they’ll get to see firsthand just what joy it can bring!”

“Of course no matter what a child does for their mom this Mother’s Day, they’re going to love it. But what we’re doing by teaching children how to approach food in a different way is helping them to forge a relationship with food and cooking that they can ultimately share with their mothers. What better gift than that?”

Epp works extensively with children, and is sought after for her work helping youngsters to develop themselves artistically and creatively. Her skills and talents with food, nutrition, art and activities is being highlighted in a new Saskatoon Shaw television series called Magical Moments with Beate which is currently in development.

Beate Epp is an author/illustrator/artist/and holistic nutritionist. She has appeared on CTV, Global, Shaw TV and other media.
To learn about her book visit: http://www.themagicalhorses.com/
To learn about Beate visit: http://www.beate-epp.com


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