Friday, May 18, 2012

Author Applauds Fresh Round of Lincoln-Mania as Vampire Hunter Movie Launches

Prince George, B.C One of the most revered former presidents of the United States is poised to be the next big box superhero star this summer. An axe-wielding, vampire-slaying vision of Lincoln is set to hit the big screen June 22nd, with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And author Paul Serup, for one, is welcoming current interest in the important historical figure.

As is often the case when real-life hits the big screen, Serup—who meticulously researched his  book Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?—feels there is a chance that the film will ignite a firestorm of curiosity about the man, his life, and ultimately his death.

“It may well provide more inspiration for a new generation of people to dig deeper into the story of the man who was arguably America’s greatest president. In the same way that the novel intended to shatter the image we all have of the man in the stovepipe hat—albeit in a completely fanciful way—my book seeks to shatter many of the prevailing myths surrounding Lincoln’s assassination.”

The film, based on a 2010 novel, is actually said to be historically accurate (outside of its supernatural elements), something that Serup is happy with: “I don’t think it’s going to be a matter of moviegoers not knowing fiction from fact—I don’t think anyone actually believes Lincoln used his axe on vampires,” Serup adds. “But I do think it may create more interest in the 16th President and inspire people to learn more about the mysteries surrounding his untimely end.”

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