Thursday, December 01, 2011

Can One Government Agency Solve a Problem Created by Another Government Agency?

Vancouver, BC: Noted aboriginal issues blogger Dan Green (, had this to say about a Montreal Gazette article regarding the $60 million Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recent statements. The agency issued a statement advocating for more cash to complete its mission of facilitating the healing and reconciliation process for survivors of the system residential school system:

Where has all the money gone?

“Certainly not to improve the welfare of the people to which it was originally intended,” says Green. “It has been gobbled up by the unconscionable actions of bureaucrats within various church, government and native agencies where a general lack of trust and cooperation between the parties has resulted in unnecessary road-blocks and a waste of taxpayer’s money. What else is new?”

“The goals of the Commission are laudable,” says Green, “but in these difficult economic times this kind of nonsense without accountability should not be tolerated by working Canadians or their parliamentary representatives. No more funding should be forthcoming for this project until an independent audit of all expenditures is completed and sustainable budgets are put in place.”

Dan’s Green’s new novel, Blue Saltwater, addresses the dysfunctional philosophy behind the residential school system, a system whose effects continue to reverberate within First Nations communities to this day. It can be purchased online or in stores across Canada.
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