Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Upcycling: How to create Sophisticated ‘Creep-Chic’

Edmonton, AB- While most of the focus for Halloween is on the little ghosts and ghoulies who will be trick-or-treating on the 31st, designer Linda Bodo’s upcycled decorating tips are designed to get adults in on all the creepy fun.

“For adults, Halloween is more about embracing the dark sophistication of the day than it is about candy and costumes. Upcycling doesn’t have to result in cutesy or corny decoration – far from it!” says Bodo, the author of The Art of Upcycle. “Store-bought decoration can tend to look a little cheesy. The bonus of upcycled décor – aside from its obvious ecological benefits – is that it actually ends up looking far more sophisticated and dark than anything you can buy in a Halloween shop.”

Some of Bodo’s creepy-chic ideas include:
  • Old x-ray films are also a great idea for adding creepy sophistication to your house. Ask your local vet if they have old animal x-ray films they’re planning on getting rid of. X-rays can be placed on mirrors for a sinister reflection or, wrapped around lampshades or votive holders.
  • Make family photos appropriate for the season, by altering them digitally to include demon eyes or background ‘spirits’ then group in chaotic disarray.
  • Drape pendant lights or chandeliers with strips of gauze or cheesecloth dyed with coffee to add spine-chilling ambience
  • Place cast-off doll heads over battery-operated candles and wrap stems or holders with gauze for demonesque chic.
  • Use glass paint to make permanent bloody handprints on old glasses.

Linda Bodo’s upcycling design and décor ideas can be found on her website at

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