Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Game of the Thrones and Boardwalk Empire: History Reigns at Halloween

Edmonton, AB- Along with the regular ghosts and vampires that will flood the streets this October 31st, it’s expected that the characters from two of the most popular TV series’ today will dominate costume parties this year. For historical fiction author, Graham Clews, it’s a treat to see history come to life on Halloween.

Clews’ work is continually inspired by the types of exciting historical periods making their presence known this Halloween season: the conflict-ridden – albeit fantastical -medieval era of Game of Thrones and the crime bosses and bootlegging of the twenties and thirties in Boardwalk Empire among them. Unsurprisingly for Clews, both television series’ have their origins in books:

“When I was writing my Eboracvm series I realized that what people wear plays a big role in giving characters and situations a sense of depth and realism. So I’m not surprised that period books are making their presence this season in the ultimate holiday to celebrate escapism,” says Clews, whose books are set in York at the start of the first century, AD. “It’s a lot of fun seeing so many people looking to history Halloween inspiration this year. I think people really love that attention to detail – it’s important for fully fleshing out your characters. And I get a real kick when I see people choose the Roman era – it makes it seem like one of my characters has come to life!”

For those wanting to escape even further this Halloween season, Clews Novel Eboracvm: The Village is available through his website: http://www.graham-clews.com/.

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