Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christian Science Fiction Author Weighs in on the Rapture

Edmonton, AB- With all the media craziness last month about Harold Camping and his less-than-fruitful Rapture predictions, it’s no wonder that mainstream Christians are taking the time to set the record straight.

Author Dennis Gilmour has been writing about Rapture possibilities for several years and with his fictional book, The Unveiling, he offers another avenue for readers to consider - alien invasion. Though extra-terrestrial beings may not be the first topic that springs to your mind when discussing Christianity and the end of days, The Unveiling offers readers a unique alternative to consider.

“What if all the world’s religions, what if mankind itself, owed its development to an alien race? And what if they showed themselves one day? What if it suddenly became clear that the fate of the human race rested with something that you couldn’t tell was good or evil? Some people dismiss the whole concept of aliens, yet they are readily accepting of other Christian concepts. This is the time to explore all possible connections that all faiths have together,” says Gilmour, who is a Spiritual Evolutionist.

He goes on to say, “I write to help people understand the spiritual significance of what is happening right now all over the world in the hearts and minds of people of all races, nationalities and religions. Because these are thoughts that are close to my heart.”

The Unveiling is available in bookstores across Canada as well as both the Canadian and American Amazon sites. You can also purchase them directly from the author from his website

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