Thursday, June 02, 2011

Betty Krawczyk’s new book Raises questions about the source of the Human Will

Vancouver, B.C  Prison. It’s not the first word association most of us would have when we hear the word ‘grandmother’.  But for the family of eighty two year old great grandmother Betty Krawczyk, ‘prison’ is not a dirty word in relation to their matriarch. Several years ago Krawczyk along with members and supporters of her group “Women in the Woods” stopped the clear cutting of public forests in the Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island for three weeks.  For this Krawczyk spent ten months in prison.  Krawczyk’s book This Dangerous Place is the story of that time chronicling the psychological and philosophical import of those experiences and her struggle to stay focused on her mission while imprisoned.

From her prison cell Krawczyk recalls her childhood in Louisiana.  She takes us from the chilling events of her family’s encounter with a deranged ghost that changed the lives of  everyone involved, and sets these events of long ago against the backdrop of her experiences on the blockades and in prison. 

“When you’re in prison, you have an awful lot of time to spend thinking about your life - about decisions you made earlier and the effect they’ve had on your current circumstances. And the important thing I discovered during this experience is that I have very few regrets” says the author and environmentalist. “I know that’s not something you expect a ‘senior’ to say about spending time in prison – but it’s true. And today I am feeling renewed and energized by the public protests and uprisings in the Middle East. It is the young people who are coming forward demanding equality and democracy.  And most of the parents and grandparents seem to be supporting the young.  And when the young and the old unite in common cause, nothing can stop them,” says Krawczyk.

Betty will be launching her new book at Galiano Island Books on June 19th at 3:00pm at the Galiano Inn, 76 Madrona Drive, Galiano Island, 250-539-3340,
Betty’s new book will be available through her website at , Friesen Press, and her regular writings on social activism can be found on her blog at

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