Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Publicity, Books, Movies you name it - It's all here!

Hey there, yes I know, I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted something on this site. And I should because people seem to visit. I'm always telling my clients, make sure that your blog is up to date with something good on it because you just never know who will pop by.
Well I've got the same excuse as everyone. I'm busy. I'm busy writing, reading, working, and remembering to give attention to my dogs and my boyfriend, in that order.
But I think I'm back on track now. It's been a whirlwind since I last wrote- lots of ups and downs. Firstly I've still been watching horror movies, but my sister and I are planning to launch a new blog just for all of our reviews. It's taking a little while but we'll get it up- but that said do not, and I mean DO NOT watch the movie Room 6 from 2006. I think it's almost one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Really, it's horrible.
Yes, this movie is absolutely terrible. With such good actors, it's such a shame.I hate seeing talent wasted with bad writing, bad acting because of a bad script, bad special effects and bad filmmaking. Yes, bad is almost too kind a word.

But speaking of good, I'm thoroughly enjoying reading Bentley Little's The Mailman, an earlier book of his that is really creepy. I just love his style of writing. Sometimes I find some of the sexual scenes a little over the top but in many cases it is needed to set the tone. If you have never read Bentley Little you are missing out on great stuff. I am also growing quite fond of Brian Keene. His book Ghoul caught my attention and I just picked up a Gathering of Crows that looks really good. I love it when you find authors you can't get enough of. It's like music, and of course the latest Stevie Nicks album is ready to drop in May- and I can't wait!
If you know me at all, then you know she's been my favourite singer since I was ten. Always great to have new music to work to!

So onto the publicity aspect, since this is attached to my website, I suppose I should mention that we have some awesome new packages for people interested in publicity. It's my second year in business and we've had a lot of bumps but now we are on our way to great things and looking forward to some good press for people we love to work with. There has been so much happening in the world of books it's tough to keep track of all the changes, but that's what we are trying to do, so stop by my website and take a look, and pass the information along.

Another publicist, Kimberly Plumley of Publicity Mavens was interviewed in a great article out of UBC. She was kind enough to have them contact me as well, and below is the link to our Culture and Publicity article.
Great stuff!!
You can read it on our website: http://www.gal-fridaypublicity.com/gal-friday-in-printon-t-von-the-radioonline/

So moving forward, keep your eye on what we are doing, because we'll be adding some more pages and offering some more great deals!!

Here's also sending out good wishes to those in Japan, they really need our help now. Consider donating today to help people and the animals.

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