Friday, February 05, 2010

Child Emergency Fund- and Eroding Canadian Values

 This morning my sister showed me a great site- Pretty cool stuff with scammers and the fun people have with them. Twenty minutes after reading that site I was contacted by a Charity that was collecting money to give to children so that no child in Alberta would go hungry. It sounded good, but I failed to catch the name of the charity, and indeed they never mentioned it. I thought it was interesting and after being handed over to a secure line ( so I could give them a credit card if needed), I asked them exactly to what charity would I be donating? Who were they? The man replied: The Children's Emergency Protection Fund. And he gave me a website to check- so I punched that in and entered another site.

Turns out that this charity falls under a larger group called the Institute for Canadian Values. 
Immediately I told the man that I really was going to have to think about donating, because there was a lot on that website that I wasn't sure I was in agreement with. He was fine with that and said he would send me out a package if I reconsidered. 
The Institute for Canadian Values is located at:

At first glance everything that this group is offering sounds really good.

For the CEPF- it reads:
"The Children's Emergency Protection Fund (CEPF) is a program of the Canada Christian College / Institute for Canadian Values, a federally incorporated non-profit organization and a registered Canadian charity. CEPF partners with programs to help children in serious need across Canada. We believe in trying to help any child in extreme need regardless of race, religion, language or culture. CEPF is dedicated to protect children from hunger, poverty, and sexual abuse. CEPF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, and foundations."  

It sounds just fine. But if you look a little more closely at the other aspects of the website, I found a few sections that didn't sit well with me.
Here's what the site actually supports: 

What has become of our democracy? Same Sex Marriage - Definition Of The Family - Polygamy - Morality - Child Pornography - Prostitution - Sex Houses - Sex Tourism - Abortion - G20 - Global Warming Scam - Freedom Of Religion - Freedom Of Expression - Freedom Of The Press - Judges Now Lawmakers Freedom is the most valuable right a government can ensure. Tragically a paradigm shift has occurred in western nations and with every hit of the judge’s gavel our freedoms are being eroded.

So tell me, what is the difference between scammers in Nigeria and this type of subtle yet disguised request for money?

You decide. I have.

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