Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hard Copy books win out over Digital readers

While waiting for a flight yesterday I took a poll of about 100 people who were stuck waiting for delayed flights on what they were doing while waiting. About 45% were talking on their cell phones or listening to Itunes. 25% were on their laptops, 10% were chatting with people, and 20% were reading. And what were they reading? Books. Old fashioned in your hand hard copy books. Not a single digital book reader in sight. And I checked because as usual my flight was about an hour late. When I spoke with people they gave me various reasons why they chose a book instead of a reader, and one of the reasons was that they didn't have to worry about dropping it or breaking it, or powering up. They could just reach into their back, use an old fashioned bookmark and read wherever and whenever. Is the printed book dying? Maybe, but at least it's a slow death.

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