Friday, October 16, 2009

Today is gal-friday Friday!!

Today is the day that gal-friday publicity becomes official! I am a freelance writer and publicist who also works with Literary Agent Brian Wood selling a few books here and there to publishers. I also work with established businesses for marketing and publicity. This blog is becoming very full so keep your eyes out for a new website coming soon!!

Thanks to writer Tina Hunter for her information on websites and to Micheal Gravel- who I hope is recovering nicely from his latest surgery. As well, Suzanne Harris has been one of my biggest champions and you'll soon be hearing a great deal more about her and her new business as a Writing Coach.
I'm looking forward to the new cool era of publicity and encourage you to spread the word about my services. My rates are great and I have postcards and business cards to hand out to anyone who wants them!! Call me today!

Oh and I would love it if you would buy the following books:

Why the Leafs Suck- by Al Strachan
Hockey Dad- by Bob McKenzie
Motormouth- by Zak Spencer
Money Assassins- by Chad Viminitz
Waiting for Columbus- by Thomas Trofimuk

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